At Carribean Security our Security Officers are of the highest caliber, tested andvetted before they are employed. They are continually monitored and evaluated to ensure that they operate to the highest industry standards.
Each security officer is checked to ensure that they do not have a criminal record. They are trained on site specific operational requirements by our training department and are paid the prescribed PSIRA rates. Training is done on an ongoing basis to ensure that our staff fully understand what is required from them on a daily basis.
Security officers are visited regularly on site by our field and operations managers to ensure that they are following the correct site specific procedures. Security officers are also monitored by a Live GPS guard patrol system for additional security to our valued customers.
We have 24-hour communication via a two-way radio linked to the Police & Control Centre for mutual support.
Security Officers are equipped with: full branded uniform; flash light, non-lethal weapons, handcuffs, stationery, two way radio, some Protection Officers are given bicycles/quad bikes/scooters or golf carts for perimeter patrols where this is required as per our site assessments and client requirements.

We specialize in the following markets:
  • Industrial Guarding (Mining,Construction)
  • Retail Guarding (Shopping Malls, Retail Outlets)
  • Commercial Guarding(Banking, Office Parks,Warehousing, Distribution Centres)
  • Residential Guarding(Residential Estates, Hotels,Schools, Farms)Close Protection

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