The installation of access control systems is especially suited to commercial premises and housing estates/apartment buildings where management wishes to restrict the access to certain areas of the property.

Closed Circuit Television

As the adage goes, a picture tells a thousand words and, as the quality of CCTV equipment has improved the installation of Closed Circuit Television systems has become increasingly popular. At Carribean Security we offer a wide range of CCTV solutions, including analogue, High Definition (HD) and Internet Protocol (IP) options. Many CCTV systems on the market today also have the ability to be networked. This allows you to remotely view the images being captured by your cameras via a smart phone, tablet or PC with internet access. For systems that are networked,  We also offers the following:

  • Video Verification

    Video Verification is a service Carribean Security offers to monitored clients who have networked CCTV surveillance systems installed at their properties. When an alarm signal is received in to our monitoring centre, the footage from your CCTV system onsite is also accessed. This footage is then viewed to assist in determining what events are occurring onsite at the time of the alarm activation. In the event of a confirmed break and enter onsite, a verified alarm is treated with higher priority by the Police Service and generally elicits a faster response time.

  • Intercom Solutions

    Carribean Security offers a wide range of intercom solutions Carribean Security offers a wide range of intercom solutions ranging from a simple home solution through to multi level apartment buildings

  • Communication Paths

    Alarm systems can report back to base in a variety of ways. Monitoring via a telephone line, referred to as dialler monitoring, is a very simple and popular way to have alarm systems transmit signals and only requires a standard analogue telephone connection at the property. Another increasingly popular way for alarm systems to communicate is wirelessly. Carribean Security offers this service via the use of various products which include, but are not restricted to, Permaconn and Telstra Secure devices.

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